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Submitting a Consult

Using the Website

Using the AIS website to submit or view your consultation is simple and can be done from any computer (PC or Mac), phone, tablet, or internet enabled device.

Simply direct your internet browser to and enter your username and password and click login

1. To find a study, use the drop down menu titled From Study Date and enter Date Range to locate the patient you are looking for. Be sure to populate the dates in field To Study Date and hit the GO button_ais_go button

The default search range is the last 7 days.



You can also search for a patient by entering information into the appropriate fields

  • Patient Name
  • Owner’s Last Name
  • Patient ID = Case Number

2. To select your study to submit for a consultation, choose the Select Action… dropdown box and choose Submit a Consult  or select the Submit Consult  button_ais_submit button.


To select multiple studies from the same patient, click the Expand  button_ais_expand button to view previous studies then select the empty check box next to each study you want to include in your consultation. Each selected study will appear with a checkmark inside. Once selected, Submit Consult  or select the Submit Consult  button_ais_submit button.

ais_checkbox_blank                ais_checkbox_selected

3. Create your consultation by filling out any additional information you want to submit.

Choose your Priority & Response Time if you need a stat read. Please note times can be subject to change, if case loads are reported higher.

  • STAT Study (24/7/365) -2 hours
  • Standard Study weekday (received prior to noon) -5 pm same day
  • Standard Study weekday (received after noon) -10 am next day
  • Standard Study weekend (Friday 6 pm until Sunday 5 pm) 24 hours

Select your specialty by selecting it from the Available Specialties and click the add ais_button_move  button to add it to the current specialties.

You’re specialty will be added to the column on the right.

ais_radiology entered

4. Click the Submit  ais_button_submit button to take you to the Information page. Enter your

  • History – Patient History
  • Description of the Case
  • Clinical Questions and Additional Questions – note that these will not appear in the report

5. If your patient has previous studies that you would like to add to this consultation, you can select them from the Other Studies tab


6. Click the Submit with selected media ais_submit button to submit your consultation.

If you wish to add additonal media (pictures, images from another source, etc.) select teh Submit and upload additional medai  ais_submit with media button

To cancel your consultation, click the Cancel This Consultation  ais_cance button




After submitting your consultation, your Consultatin icon will show an ais_i“i” showing that your consultation is in progress . Once the report has been completed, it will show an  “R” ais_r.

Click on the icon to reveal the final report.

Using the SmartDR

Sending a consultation in SmartDR is as simple as clicking a button. In SmartDR, you are only able to submit a consultation for the selected study.

1. Select your  patient file by searching or clicking on your patient


2. With your Patient file open, click the AIS reporting smartdr_button_ais reportbutton

smartdr_pateint open

3. This will open a new internet windows with your AIS consultation report form.

Fill out any information with an * and any additional information you want.



You will notice that Radiology has already been selected as your specilaty.


4. Fill out your…

  • History – Patient History
  • Description of the Case
  • Clinical Questions and Additional Questions – note that these will not appear in the report


5. Click the Submit  ais_button_submit button to take you to the Information page. Enter your

6. You will notice after you’ve submitted your  study that the consultation window does not close. Pres ALT + F4 to close the saved consultation and return to SmartDR.


Submitting with eFilm

Efilm is an easy way create and view your AIS consultations and is available at any eFilm workstation. Submitting a consultation through eFilm sends the consultation seperate from the images (the images are automatically sent once the study is completed at the acquisition station).

Submit a Consult Using eFilm

1. Open eFilm and open the study you wish to send for a consultation.

eFilm_AIS_patient load

2. With your study open in eFilm , click the Report icons.

NOTE: Either button will perform the same funcion. If your study does not have a report associated with it, it will create a report. If you have submitted a study, both buttons will load the consultation.

eFilm_AIS_report button


eFilm toolbar

3. Fill out the report information. A field marked with an “*” is required information.


eFilm_AIS_fill out report


Fill in the case information.


eFilm_AIS_- fill out report 2

NOTE: eFilm does not send the DICOM files with the study, but attaches the study to your AIS account. Submitting from eFilm may require some basic patient information entered into your web form.

4. Click the Submit button to send your consultatoin.

NOTE: You can edit or view your study anytime at


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