Your DentalAire Dental Imaging System offers state of the art image quality, superior support and service, and seamless integration with Sound PACS.

Your DentalAire system will ship directly from Dentalaire. Sound will ensure that everything arrives and if you purchased an x-ray machine and installation, that your system is set up correctly.

Below you will find information regarding your Dentalaire setup and training. If you have any questions, please contact or call us at 760-448-4866

Dentalaire Equipment

DentalAire Case and Sensor

Dentalaire DTX Digital Dental Imaging System

  • Embedded High speed USB 2.0 interface for direct connection to the PC
  • State of the art image quality achieved with CSI scintillator and fiber optic plate (FOP)
  • Highly reliable design with patented cable output and watertight housing
  • 2 year sensor warranty
  • The best DICOM software capabilities in the market
  • Our software features canine, feline and equine tooth charts with species and breed selections
  • Integration with all major practice management applications
  • Unmatched, Unlimited support for the life of the product

DentalAire DC X-ray Machine

  • Graphical user interface allows for simple system settings
  •  Graphical user interface allows for simple system settings
  • Hi-frequency DC technology provides shorter exposure times and reduced dose
  • Adjustable kVp for maximum contrast adjustment
  • Veterinary specific selections including exotic and extremity
  • 0.4 mm focal spot (smallest in the industry) provides higher resolution images
  • Large LCD with adjustable brightness and contrast
  • 12′ Hand Cord Switch
  • Standard, short or long extension arm option to meet your requirements
  • Long reach arm with frictionless joints and a precision braking system
  • Extra-long reach for mobile version with total inside reach of 54″
  • Available in mobile or wall mount version
  • Three Wall Mount lengths
    • Short (30cm)  – 56″ Inside Reach
    • Standard (60cm) = 68″ Inside Reach
    • Extended (80cm) = 76″ Inside Reach
  • Optional wireless exposure button
  • Download the brochure here

Aerial view of woman typing on laptop and tablet. Placed on wooden desk

Laptop (Optional)

  • Your Dentalaire software can be installed on a laptop or computer with the following specs:
    • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
      • NO Windows XP
    • Needs at least 1 USB port
  • If a laptop is not included on your order, then you are responsible for providing your own pc.

DentalAire DC X-ray Wall Mount Pre-Install Requirements

The DentalAire DC wall mount generator should always be attached to a single wooden stud or a backer board. If you your hospital has aluminum studs, please ensure that a backer board is in placed beneathe the drywall. See below for more information.

A wall-mount template is provided to the right for your convenience.

It is the clinic’s responsibility to check that a stud or backer board is in place prior to your installation. Please see below for specific details.

Construction Clinics

Sound always recommends adding a backer board behind the drywall. Please speak with your contractor about the location of the backer board prior to putting up drywall .

DentalAire Wall Plate Drawing

If you use this as a printed template, please be sure that your paper size can accommodate a 23″ long x 11″ high drawing.

Wood Studs

Ensure that you have wood studs in your wall. If you are unsure, please speak with a contractor or handyman. If the studs are not located at the location you need, a backer board is recommended.

Sound recommends an 18″ x 18″ x 1″ (minimum thickness) board. Ideally, a 1 3/4″ LVL* (Laminated Vaneer Lumber) board should be mounted. between the studs.

Please keep in mind that the average stud distance is 16″. This may vary and Sound Always recommends a contractor or handyman confirm stud distance.

*LVL can be purcahsed at your local Menards or lumber store

We always recommend you use at least a 1″ thick backer board that will cover two wooden studs. Always check with a contractor or handyman prior to ensure proper installation.

Aluminum Studs

If your buidling has aluminum studs, a backer board underneath the drywall is required. This should be installed by a contractor or handyman. Sound recommends using 1 3/4″ x 14″ LVL placed between two studs. The distance of the board will depend on the distance of your existing studs. 14″ LVL board can usually be found at your local hardware store.

  1. Remove drywall
  2. attach LVL between both studs
  3. Replace drywall
  4. Mark location of backer board


Your DentalAire Wall Mount X-ray machine can be pluged into a standard electrical outlet* or wired directly into an outlet. For more information, please see page 32 of the Installation Manual.

A Minimum 10 amps is required. The machine will have a max draw of 7 amps during exposure. The common 3-pronged outlet usually carries a minimum of 15 amps.


*DentalAire has confirmed that the setup can be used with the provided plug. Disregard any notes regarding to plug safety in the instruction manual. A cutout is provided on the bottom of the front cover to provide access to the plug. 

Dentalaire Software Installation

The Dentalaire installation is a very easy process. Once you  have received your DTX system in the mail, open the blue Dentalaire case. You will find a phone number in the case. You will notice that there is no included software. Dentalaire will install the latest software remotely.

To have your software installed

  • Have a laptop or Computer turned on (Windows 7 or higher) and ensure you have internet access
  • Call Dentalaire at 1-800-866-6881
  • Set up a time to have them download and install your software

This is also the perfect time to speak to DentalAire about setting up your phone training sessions.

Dentalaire Software Training

Dentalaire offers 2 types of training, remote software training (included with every purchase) and in-person Positioning Training (sold separately)

When you call to set up your software, make sure you set up a time with Dentalaire to do your remote training. This training usually takes around 30 minutes.

If you purchased Positioning Training, Dentalaire will schedule the onsite visit once you have completed the remote software training.


To set up training or for any training related questions, please call 1-800-866-6881.