Setup your NEXT Equine DR System

Select the video below for your system to get up and running as soon as your Next Equine DR arrives. These videos will walk you trough unpacking your system and getting it setup to a wireless network.

Once you have your system out of the box, check out our training videos!

NEXT Lite Unboxing

NEXT  III Unboxing

Connecting Your Tablet to the Internet

NEXT  III Unboxing

Connecting Your Tablet to the Internet

What training can we provide for you today?


For Documentation and training, please visit:


You may also watch the NEXT training videos as the workflows are identical.

NEXT Equine DR

The NEXT training is broken up into 3 parts and is designed to be watched and then practiced on your next system. Below is a summary of each section. You may also choose to watch the video in full.

  • Part 1: Create a patient and set up your shot list
  • Part 2: Taking and reviewing x-rays
  • Part 3: Adding images, studies, etc

Part 1: Creating a patient and setting up your shot list

Full NEXT Training (all 3 parts in a row)

NEXT Training videos by parts

Part 1: Entering Patients and Shot Info

Part 2: Taking and Reviewing X-rays

Part 3: Adding Images and Studies


SmartPACS and the SmartPACS viewer are loaded onto your NEXT Tablet and provide an easy way to view your images. With your NEXT system connected to your clinic’s hospital network, you may also view your images on any computer in your clinic with an HTML5 browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Follow the steps below to access SmartPACS on our NEXT system.

To access SmartPACS

  1. Press the Home Button on the left side of your tablet. This will launch the Windows 10 Desktop.
  2. Click the Google Chrome browser.
  3. Enter into your browser. 
  4. Enter the login information in all lowercase:
    1. username: local
    2. password: smartpacs
  5. Click the SmartPACS link to watch a training video, print documents, and view FAQS.

Antech Imaging Services (AIS)

X-ray Machines

Sound TR9030

Some states require you to register your portable x-ray machine. You will need some information ahead of time. Please use this guide to locate what you need.

The following information can be found on the plaque on the side of the TR9030 by the handle. Please check to make sure all info is correct

  • Model: TR9030V_GEN2
  • Serial No: See plaque
  • Manufacturer: Minkawsa – manufactured for Sound
  • X-ray tube Model: XDT-F90
  • X-ray Tube Serial Number: See Plaque
  • X-ray Tube Manufacturer: SNM Instruments Factory
  • Max KVP: 90
  • Max mAs: 18.6


What are the dimensions of the 2530 (10x12) panel?

The 4336 NEXT comes in a case.

  • Width : 11.27″
  • Length: 13.51″
  • Thickness: 0.93″

What are the dimensions of the 4336 (14x17panel)?

The 4336 NEXT comes in a case.

  • Width: 15.70″
  • Length: 18.79″
  • Thickness: 0.93″

What are the dimensions of Fusion (Canon) Panel?

  • Width: 15.72″
  • Length: 18.81″
  • Thickness: 0.93″