Congratulations on the purchase of your new Sound X-ray system. Below is some information to help you prepare for your installation.
If you have purchased a new x-ray machine, please see the section at the bottom (or click here) for information on your new Summit or Sedecal system.
After reviewing the information, if you have any questions, please contact us via email, at


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X-Ray Room

A typical installation will include replacing your bucky tray or x-ray machine (if you purchased a new one), installing the digital receptor panel, and adding an acquisition computer.

Basic Needs

  • (2) 110v Power Outlets, one fore the acquisition station and one for the panel
  • Live network connection located near acquisition computer
  • Space for wall mount


Here are some examples of our Sound systems installed in X-ray Suites

Acquisition Computer

Your acquisition captures your x-rays, allows for basic viewing and sends your images to your SoundBank Server. Your acquisition computer connects to your panel via an ethernet cable.

Location: X-ray Room


  • DT24T Medical-Grade Integrated LC computer with SmartDR (All-In-One computer) or CCS Acquisition software
  • 24″ touch screen monitor
  • Wall Mount w CPU Mount

DT24T  All-In-One Computer Dimension: 22.3” x 13.7” x 1.8”

Weight: 17.6 lbs

Download the Spec Sheet here

Installation Requirements: 

  • Location chose for wall mount, near the x-ray machine (there is a 40ft network cable that connects the panel to the acquisition computer)
  • Cat5e or Cat 6 terminated network line for network/internet access – must be live at the time of installation
    • Your Acquisition computer has 2 NIC/Network ports. One is for access to the internet, the other is a direct connection to the panel.
  • 110v Power outlet

Wall Mount: 

Your acquisition computer will be mounted in a Versa Table Ultra Flat Wall Mount. This mount features an adjustable keyboard tray and monitor for ease of use for your entire staff. It also features:

  • Height adjustable 24″ x 8″ keyboard platform
  • Ultra slim design
  • 25″w x 14″d x 30″h
  • Accommodates standard CPU
  • Constructed from 14 gauge American steel
  • Premium hardware
  • Mounts to almost any surface

Detailed Dimensions;

Main Housing (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse)

  • Width (incl keyboard tray): 25″
  • Width (wall mount plate): 12″
  • Depth (with keyboard tray folded down): 14″
  • Height: 30″


Desktop Stand (additional purchase required): 

Your order may include a 24″ All-In-One desktop stand. This allows you to place your acquisition computer on any desktop. The wireless keyboard and mouse will sit on your desktop. A 110v power outlet and network cable jack must be accessible and within 6 feet of the computer location.

  • Height (including stand): 17.25″
  • Width: 22.25″
  • Depth:8.25″


Wall Mount Spec / Instruction Sheet Download

SmartDR All-In-One Acquisition on a Wall Mount


Standard Cat5e or Cat 6 connection and a US 110v Grounded Outlet


Sound SMART PACS™ provides DICOM image viewing throughout the veterinary hospital utilizing the same simple, intuitive design style as the Smart DR user interface. This allows for easy access to DICOM images wherever they are needed, on any device – Microsoft, Apple, or Android. Sound Smart PACS is completely auto-updateable, so the latest features and enhancements will always be available, with no manual intervention required by the hospital staff.

SmartPACS v2 Dimensions

  • Height: 8.1″
  • Width: 1.6″
  • Depth: 8.4″


Click here for more specifications.

SmartPACS Pre-Installation Responsibilities

  • Choose location for the SmartPACS device with adequate counter space
  • CAT 5e or CAT6 terminated network line
  • 110V Power outlet

SmartPACS Production Hardware


SmartPACS Image Viewer Pre-Install Responsibilities

Sound SMART PACS™ provides DICOM image viewing throughout the veterinary hospital utilizing the same simple, intuitive design style as the Smart DR user interface. This allows for easy access to DICOM images wherever they are needed, on any device – Microsoft, Apple, or Android. Sound Smart PACS is completely auto-updateable, so the latest features and enhancements will always be available, with no manual intervention required by the hospital staff.

To get the most out of your SmartPACS viewer, ensure you have Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (for Macs) or another HTML5 compatible viewer downloaded on each computer you wish to view the images.

Download Google Chrome

Download Firefox

Download Microsoft Edge

Download Opera

Download Safari (included on Macs)


SmartPACS Enterprise Servers

SmartPACS Enterprise Tower

The enterprise tower allows for more storage. The tower is larger is recommended to be placed in a server closet.

  • Dell PowerEdge T440
  • H: 12″.0″ x W: 8.6″ x D: 23.4″
  • Weight: 64lbs
  • Host OS: Windows Server 2019
  • VM OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
  • 1TB Raid 1 (OS) + 4TB RAID 5 (Data)
  • Host Memory: 16GB
  • VM Memory: 16GB

SmartPACS Enterprise Rack Mount

The enterprise rack mount allows for more storage. The rack-mount server fits nicely into any rack at 1U size and is compatible with Dell Racks. If you have a non-Dell Rack system, please provide rails to mount the server.

  • Dell PowerEdge R440
  • H: 1.68″ x W: 17.08″ x D: 28.13″
  • 1U
  • Weight: 38.9lbs
  • Host OS: Windows Server 2019
  • VM OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
  • 1TB Raid 1 (OS) + 4TB RAID 5 (Data)
  • Host Memory: 16GB
  • VM Memory: 16GB

Why is Internet Explorer Not Supported

According to the Microsoft Website, Internet Explorer is an End-of-Life Product (

What is end of support?

Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical supports and security updates. Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer, and will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Internet Explorer 11 offers improved security, increased performance, better backward compatibility, and support for the web standards that power today’s websites and services. Microsoft encourages customers to upgrade and stay up-to-date on the latest browser for a faster, more secure browsing experience.

What does this mean?

It means you should take action. After January 12, 2016, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware, helping to keep users and their data safer. Regular security updates help protect computers from malicious attacks, so upgrading and staying current is important.


Training will take place on the second day of your DR installation. To get the most of your training, we ask that you schedule a time with both your technicians and doctors. While many clinics split their training between the technicians who take x-rays and the reviewing doctors, we can customize our training to fit your hospitals needs.

Recommended Training Times

1hr – Technicians: Acquiring images in the acquisition software, pulling up images, AIS and emailing, and burning CDs
30 – 45 min – Doctors:  Reviewing images in eFilm and AIS

New X-ray Machines

Please check your sales order to ensure you have the correct X-ray machine specifications.

Summit X-ray Machines

Summit 30KW

HF, HF2, and HF4 X-ray Machines

The Summit 30KW system is Sounds most popular Summit X-ray sold. It works with most standard x-ray power (see requirements below).

Available Line Voltage & Required Minimum Rating * of Over-Current
protection & Safety Disconnect Switch

1 phase, 230 – 240 VAC 100 Amps
1 phase, 220 – 229 VAC 115 Amps
1 phase, 208 – 219 VAC 125 Amps



Minimum Doorway Size

Standard door width is 36″. For doorways smaller than this, please be advised that additional time may be needed to deliver the x-ray machine to it’s desired location. This may include, but not limited to: removing the table top, removing the door from the frame, additional assistance in carrying the machine. The welded table frame is 24″

Minimum Door sizes

HF – 25″

HF2 – 25″

HF4 – 25″

For the H4 3-Phase Innovet Select, please click this link to download the specs.

Summit 20KW

HF, HF2, and HF4 X-ray Machines

The Summit 20KW system offer a full range of machines that require a lower electrical service (60 – 70 amps).

Available Line Voltage & Required Minimum Rating * of Over-Current
protection & Safety Disconnect Switch

1 phase, 230 – 240 VAC 60 Amps
1 phase, 220 – 229 VAC 65 Amps
1 phase, 208 – 219 VAC 70 Amps

Summit Specialist HF30

HF30 X-ray Machine

The Summit Specialist HF30 has a 76″ tabletop size and a full vertical range, floor to wall tube stand.

Requires customer mounted 2′ x 6′ header board mounted center at 87.5.” Please refer to the spec sheet for detailed information.

Available Line Voltage & Required Minimum Rating * of Over-Current
protection & Safety Disconnect Switch

1 phase, 230 – 240 VAC 100 Amps
1 phase, 208 – 229 VAC 125 Amps

Summit 50 kW

HF50 3-Phase X-ray Machines

HF50 Generator Requirements

The HF50 uses a 50 kW generator which requires

The generator power module and operator console are be separate entities (outside) of the table. See page 3 of the GTDS for the dimensions of the generator power module and console.

HF50 Technical Spec

Please see page 4 of the HF30 Specialist Tech Data Sheet for recommended placement of the other items in the system. Dimensions for the table and tubestand are on page 3. Please do not use the generator electrical requirements shown on this document. They are for the standard 30 kW generator.

HF50 Electrical 

What is the difference between a 30kw and a 20kw table?

The main difference is the amount of power supplied to the machine.

A 30kw X-ray requires an electrical service of at least 100amps and 208 volts.  At the max power, your x-ray will automtically set the techique to the quickest possible time (usually at 300 mA). When the the incoming power is less than that, the x-ray machine may not be able to utilize the 300 mA station. The generator will automtically set itself to the approrpiate technique.

The x-ray power is determined by the mA station. If a machine is supplied lower power (60 amps), taking an x-ray at 85 kVp and 5 mAs will result in the machine using the 100 mA station versus the 300 due to the limited power.

In the veterinary market, the mAs is what should be used to determine your technique. Allow the x-ray to fire at either the 100 or 300 mA station results in a very small time difference.

Generator Information

  • 30kw Generator
    • 80-100 amps
    • 208 – 240 vac
    • Will default to the 300 mA station up to 80 kVp
  • 20kw
    • 60 amps @ 240 vac
    • 70 amps @ 208 vac
    • Defaults to 300 mA station up to 60 (ish) kVp
      • Utilizes the next most powerful mA station depending on the kVp setting
  • Time Differences
    • 2 mAs @ 300 mA = 0.006 seconds
    • 2 mAs @ 100 mA = 0.02  seconds
    • 3.5 mAs @ 300 mA = 0.01 seconds
    • 3.5 mAs @ 100 mA = 0.03 seconds
    • 10 mAs @ 300 mA = 0.03 seconds
    • 10 mAs @ 100 mA = 0.1 seconds

Does Summit Have a UL Listing?

Summit is UL listed and approved for use in the US, Canada, and most countries. Click here for UL Certification.

How do I protect my x-ray machine from lightning?

For more detailed information, please review teh National Standard NFPA 780 that goes into specifics.


If an electrician is concerned about lightning in his area, then the building should be inspected for appropriate protection.

To protect the building:

Proper incoming Building ground connected to lightning Rods.

A class 1 SPD (surge protection device) at the power line coming into the building for each leg.

The ratings for the service entrance SPD should be 20kVA (8/20uS) NOMINAL DISCHARGE

CURRENT for each leg to ground.

To protect just the x-ray generator:

The electrician can add an SPD at the output of the circuit breaker/fuse that goes to the


The requirements are that it must be rated as 10kVA (8/20uS) NOMINAL DISCHARGE CURRENT

for each leg to ground.

The ground wire must be per building code and run directly to the incoming ground of the

building (no bonding).

What Information Do I Need to Register My Summit X-Ray?

To register your x-ray you will need some or all of the information below

  • FDA 2579
  • Serial Number – found on the FDA 2579 Form
  • Make: Summit
  • Model: S305
  • Max kVp: 125
  • Average kVp: 85
  • Max mA: 300
  • Max mAs: 300
  • Average mAs: 3

Sedecal X-ray Machines

For more detailed pre-install requirements, please download the full Sedecal Pre-Install Spec Document here.

MyVet i72w Elevating Table

Power and Disconnect Boxes

With the purchase of a new x-ray, most states will require that you have a throw-disconnect box to supply the power. The disconnect box meets safety standards and needs to be located within a few feet from the x-ray machine. While your x-ray machine recommends certain size wires, your local or state electrical code may differ. Please have your electrician ensure that the wire sizing you are using is up to code.

disconnect location

Location of Disconnect Box in Relation to X-ray

Disconnect Box


Throw-Disconnect Box

Disconnect Fuses

Fuses inside the disconnect box

Preparing for Your X-Ray Install

Your X-ray machine and Sound DR equipment are highly technical pieces of equipment that can be impacted by construction dust, paint, debris, etc. We recommend that your Sound equipment is one of the last items installed to prevent any damage.

In order to ensure that your installation goes smooth and there are no delays, your facility must meet be ready for installation when your x-ray machine is delivered, please ensure you have the following ready. If your facility is not ready, we will be unable to install your equipment and you may be subject to a rescheduling fee.

  1. Radiation protection is installed per local requirement. May require shielding report from licensed radiation physicist.
  2. Electrical service is installed per x-ray requirements and meets all local electrical code.
  3. Final paint is on the walls and ceiling.
  4. The ceiling is fully installed or painted
  5. Door to x-ray room is installed.
  6. Floor covering is installed and able to be walked on.
  7. Light fixtures and electrical outlets are installed and working.
  8. All cabinets, molding, and fixtures are installed.
  9. There is unobstructed access to the room. Building climate controls are operational.
  10. Your facilities computers are installed and able to be powered on
  11. Your Network is fully operational and has internet access

X-Ray Rooms Not Ready For Installation

We always recommend checking with your contractor to ensure that they are ready to receive your equipment and have everything in place for installation. Below are examples of facilities that told us they were completely ready for installation the day prior to arriving onsite.

X-ray Room Unfinished

Aluminum v Copper Wire

All new x-ray machines require Copper wire to be run from the main service to the disconnect in the x-ray room. For more information, please click this link to download an information sheet that can be given to your contractor or electrician. Summit – Aluminum wire

Wall Mounted X-ray Switch

The Sound Remote Wall Switch allows you to trigger your x-ray machine from outside the room. This is hard-wired into your x-ray machine. If you want to run the cable through the wall or have coping installed, please provide this ahead of time. We can also ship the cable out ahead if you are running it through the wall.

This product also includes the Sound Reject button.

Modality Worklisting (MWL)

Modality Worklisting (MWL) offers the ability to request a study from your practice management software and the information will automatically populate a study on your acquisition station. Some practice management softwares also allow the images to be displayed back in their system.

Please contact your practice management company to learn how to send an MWL request to your new Sound system. Your installer will show you how to view requests sent from your practice management software.

Please select your Practice Management Software below for more information on preparing for your installation day.


AviMark MWL services requires separate software. While Sound does not charge for their software and setup, AVImark charges a setup fee and a yearly fee. This charge is an AVImark from charge and has no relation to Sound. AVImark may require an upgrade to your software to run the AVImark Broker.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  1. Contact Sound or inform your installer to add the AVImark broker to your Sound equipment
  2. Contact AviMark using at
    1. Use email Subject Line: Sound-AviMark MWL Integration: HOSPITAL/CLINIC NNAME – INSTALL DATE (If known)
    2. Let them know you are integrating with Sound DR and interested in Modality Worklist
  3. Your AviMark Territory Rep will reach out to complete the AviMark MWL Process
  4. Obtain a static IP address from your IT group or contact for assistance.
  5. Sound will install the software on your SmartPACS or SmartDR system


Installation Day

  1. Sound will remote onto your SmartPACS system and install the AVImark MWL Broker software on the thumb drive
  2. Please contact AVImark tech support and let them know that Sound is onsite and the broker is ready
  3. Sound and AVImark will exchange AE Title, IP Address, and Port number.
  4. You will be provided with a script for each computer you wish to request studies from AVImark on. This script will be located on the thumb drive.
    1. Place this script in the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    2. NOTE: If your AVImark icon requires you to right-click run as admin,  the MWL broker may not work. You may see a “Mapped Network Drive Not Available” during an MWL requisition.
  5. Please contact AVImark on how to submit a request from your AVImark software. Your Sound installer will show you how to view the request in our Sound Software.


Sound and EzyVet partner in both Modality Worklist and Picture Archival (PACS). This allows you to be able to both request studies and view studies from EzyVet (along with Sound’s SmartPACS).

Pre-Installation Requirements

  1. Sound will work with EzyVet to obtain the necessary information. You will be copied on a request from Sound to EzyVet.
  2. Sound will provide you and the installer with your DICOM demographics (AE Title, IP, Port) prior to installing.
  3. Use the EzyVet MWL Instructions to setup EzyVet prior to your install day. You can contact EzyVet at with any questions or issues.


Installation Day

  1. Sound will provide EzyVet with the Sound DICOM Information (AE Title, IP Address, and Port Number).
  2. EzyVet will have provided the customer instructions on how to find their Client ID and “Secret.”
  3. Contact EzyVet for instructions on how to send over a modality worklist request while your installer is onsite. Your Sound installer will show you how to view the requested study from your Sound DR software.

Sending an Modality Worklist Request from EzyVet to Sound

1. Under a patient’s clinical record, go to the section ‘Diagnostics and Treatments’ (white button near the top).

2. Click the + icon next to ‘Diagnostic Request’ to create a new request. This will bring up a new pop-up.

3. Enter the Vet information, supplier (if you have different modalities you will have different suppliers so ensure you are selecting the

appropriate supplier), and diagnostic request.

4. Enter any diagnostic request specifics or history, and click ADD.

5. This will send the request to your worklist on the modality.

6. From there, you can carry out the study. Once the study is complete the result will return to the patient’s record in ezyVet.

Results will come through from Sound almost immediately, a memo will be sent, and a link will appear on the result for you to click and view the image.

Here is a quick video link on how to set this up

Idexx Cornerstone MWL

IDEXX Cornerstone Modality Worklist allows you to request X-ray studies directly from Cornerstone. Cornerstone currently works with Idexx IDEXX WebPACS and requires theIdexx Diagnostic Imaging Module (DIM).

If you already have the MWL Sound Integraton and are on Cornerstone 8.4 or higher, you will need to contact Idexx and purchse the monthly Idexx WebPACS subscription. The DIM will be free

If you do not have Sound Integration installed and are on Cornerstone 8.4 or higher, you will need to contact Idexx and purchase both Idexx WebPACS AND the Diagnostic Imaging Module (DIM).

IDEXX support can be contacted at 1-800-695-2877.


Before your installation, please contact IDEXX to set up your IDEXX WebPACS subscription and DIM. Once the service has been activated, please have Idexx provide the following DICOM information and pass this to your install coordinator and/or installer. Please note that Idexx WebPACS requires a physical PACS server and the Diagnostic Imaging Module to send images and create worklist requests.

  • AE Title
  • IP Address
  • Port Number


Installation Day

  1. Provide your Sound Installer with the IDEXX DICOM WebPACS or DIM (AE Title, IP Address, and port) information. If you have already provided this information to Sound, your installer should already have it.
  2. Sound will provide you with our DICOM info (AE, IP, and Port) once your SmartPACS has been set up.
  3. Contact IDEXX  WebPACS support with the Sound DICOM information and they will add it to your WebPACS.
  4. Your installer will work with Sound’s Tech Support to ensure that your Modality Worklist is communicating.
  5. Please contact IDEXX WebPACS support on how to submit a request from your Cornerstone software. NOTE: IDEXX IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING TRAINING ON HOW TO CREATE A MODALITY WORKLIST ENTRY
  6. Your Sound installer will show you how to search your Acquisition software for the created worklists.


*Prices subject to change at any time

DaySmart (Formerly Vetter) MWL

DaySmart (formerly Vetter) integrates with Sound’s MWL Cloud server

Pre-Installation Requirements

  1. Inform Sound that you want to integrate your DaySmart/Vetter Practice Management with Sound.
  2. Sound will provide you with a Client ID and Secret. Please pass these two key strings to Vetter


Vetter Setup: Enabling Sound MWL Add-On In the DaySmart Software

Enabling the Add On

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on “add ons”
  3. Click on the plus icon for the “SOUND SmartPACS” line
  4. Complete the form that appears

As part of the integration, new inventory sub-categories will be created under the “Diagnostic Imaging” category. One sub-category will be created for each modality associated with the integrated imaging devices. For example, an “ultrasound” sub-category will be created if one of the imaging devices is an ultrasound. All of the inventory items associated with the various imaging devices need to be reassigned into one of these categories so that the integration can trigger the communication with the device when the corresponding medical record is created. To change an inventory item’s category:

  1. Navigate to the applicable inventory item profile in the Inventory module
  2. Click “edit item”
  3. Click on the “category” field and select the applicable sub-category under the “Radiology” category
  4. Click “Save + Done”

Once you have the integration enabled and the items properly mapped, you can submit image requests by creating a medical record for the applicable inventory item. When completing the “new record” form, the option to “send to device” will default to the imaging device associated with the selected item. For example, if the “ultrasound” item is selected, the “send to device” field will select the available ultrasound devices. If more than one device is available for that type of image, the specific device can be selected for the list that appears. After the record is saved, an image request will be scheduled in SOUND SmartPACS for processing on the applicable device.

Standard MWL

Many Practice Management (PM) Softwares are able to interact with Sound’s server software.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  1. Call your Practice Management Tech Support and let them know that you will be integrating with Sound’s Modality Worklist
    1. Ensure your software is up to date*
    2. Let them know your installation date
    3. Obtain your PM server’s AE Title, IP Address and Port Number
  2. Email the AE Title, IP, and Port Number to 


Installation Day

  1. Sound will provide you with an AE Title, IP Address, and Port Number to give to your Practice Management Tech Support
  2. Sound will add your PM info to our system and work with your PM Tech Support to ensure the worklist is functioning.
  3. Please contact your Practice Management software on how to submit a request from your software. Your Sound installer will show you how to view the request in our Sound Software.


*PM software may require an update that carries additional charges from your PM provider


X-Ray Room

Your AGFA installation will use your existing x-ray table and film bucky tray.

Your AGFA CR-15 reader will sit on a counter top or an AGFA cart (if you purchased).

Basic Needs

  • (2) 110v Power Outlets located where the AGFA unit will sit
  • Live network connection located where the AGFA unit will sit
  • Countertop space or floor space for the AGFA unit to sit.

AGFA with Computer


Your AGFA CR-15 Acquisition Station comes with 2 main components, the Reader Unit and Acquisition Computer. You will also receive a grid, 17 1/4×18 7/8. 10:1, 34-44

AGFA CR-15 Reader

  • Dimensions: W22.84”xD27.55”xH18.” approx. 66lbs

HP computer with Musica Tuning

  • 22″ touch screen monitor
  • Dimensions: W

Third-Party Telemedicine

Sound Systems are able to DICOM send to any Telemedicine group or radiologist that can accept DICOM sends. Telemedicne allows you to send your X-ray, CT, US, etc to a radiologist to be reviewed. For more information, please watch our overview video.

Please choose your telemedicine company below for specific information on what you need to know prior to and during your install.


If you are using, or would like to use PetRays as your telemedicine provider, please contact them to let them know you will be working with Sound. We will be installing a new DR and SmartPACS system.

Too Contact PetRAYS:

–          For new PetRAYS clients, please fill out the New Clinic Sign Up form

–          If you are an existing clinic, please email to set up the system.


PetRAYS will work with you to determine the best DICOM Telemedicine setup for your clinic based on your internet speed. This will either be a direct DICOM send from the SmartPACS server, or through the PetRAYS Accelerator.


If PetRAYS determines that their Accelerator software is the best option for your clinic, please follow these steps in order to ensure a smooth software installation:

  1. Designate a computer to install the PetRAYS Accelerator on.
  2. Assign a Static IP address to the designated computer. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your IT or Practice Management Company. PetRAYS and Sound are unable to assign static IP addresses to your existing computers.
  3. Ensure you have the designated computers administrator login information. PetRAYS will need this info in order to install their software. You can always change the login after the software has been installed.
  4. Contact PetRAYS to install the PetRAYS Accelerator.
  5. Obtain the computer IP address, PetRAYS AE Title, and Port number to pass to the Sound Installation Department.

Once your installer arrives onsite, he or she will add your telemedicine’s DICOM information to the Sound SmartPACS server, allowing you to send your studies to be read by your radiologist.

If you have any questions, please contact Sound Installations at 760-448-4865. You can also email us with any questions at


Idexx has provided general instructions that you can download here. If you have any issues or discrepancies, please follow the instructions below.

Let Idexx know that you are planning on using their Telemedicine services with your new system and would like to provide us with the following information:

  • AE Title
  • IP Address
  • Port Number

Please ask if they need a unique AE Title from Sound. Let us know if they say yes, and we can ensure that we have everything set up properly on site.


On Installation Day, we will send a test study over to Idexx. You may need to contact them to authorize the new Sound computer that is sending.

You will view and create your consults as directed by Idexx.

Individual Radiologist or Othe Telemedicine Groups

For most companies, the first step is to contact your Telemedicine Company or Radiologist and let them know that you are planning to work with Sound and that you would like to set them up to send x-rays for review.


When you speak with them, please make sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Do they accept DICOM sends from the Sound Server?
    1. If the answer is Yes, please ask them for their telemedicine servers AE Title, IP Address, and Port number. They should return answer like. The AE Title is TELE7228 in all caps, the IP Address is and the port is 106
    2. Ask if they need a unique AE Title from the Sound DICOM server that will be sending the images.


  1. If they do not have DICOM server, ask how they would like you to send them the studies. You will have the ability to send a web-based study in a DICOM format with a full DICOM viewer that can be opened in any internet-browser such as a Windows Personal Computer, Mac, or a mobile device.


  1. Once you have figured out how you will send your studies, please be sure to speak with your provider on how they want you to submit consults. Many companies like PetRays, Idexx, etc, use a web-based reporting system. If you are using an individual radiologist, they may want you to email them.


Once you have collected all the information, please email Sound Installations. We will make sure that your installer has the correct data and will set up your new Sound system to send to your existing telemedicine company on the day of your install.

Other Modalities

Sound SmartPACs is able to accept images from any DICOM modality, such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.. If you would like to have a modality send to your new SmartPACs, please make sure that you contact the tech support or service department for your individual modality and let them know when we will be installing. If you are using a GE ultrasound or Samsung CereTom or BodyTom, your installer will work with Sound’s tech support onsite – no extra information is needed.

At the time of installation, Sound will be able to provide our SmartPACs DICOM information (AE Title, IP Address, and Port Number). You will need to provide this information to your modality’s support team. Due to the complicated nature of these machines and to ensure that no settings are changed, Sound is unable to support other modalities other than GE ultrasounds and Samsung CereTom/Body Tom modalities.

Packages and What to Expect

Depending on what you purchased from Sound, you may receive different types of packages from us.

Please be sure you are ONSITE to accept your packages. You will receive a Shipping Notification email from Sound with y0ur tracking information a few days prior to your install. Your packages generally arrive one to three days before your installation date.

Click on the image below to see a description of the different boxes or packages you might receive:

Digital Radiography Systems

The DR system and its components usually will arrive in 2 shipments.

  • DR Panel and Acquisiton computer – usually arrives 3 days prior to install
  • All other packages usually arrive between 1 and 3 days prior to install.

Sedecal Bucky Tray

The Sedecal Bucky Tray arrives between 1 and 3 days prior to install.

The DentalAire system arrives between 3 and 7 days prior to install.

Dental Radiology Systems

Due to issues with shipping as related to COVID, we will be delivering many x-ray units a day prior to installation. The delivery company will uncrate and bring all items inside as shown in the photo.

Floor space required to store the items is 3′ x 9′.

The X-Ray Table, Tube Stand, and Generator will all arrive on the scheduled installation date. If the system arrives before your installer, please be sure to check the Shockwatch Indicator on the packages. If the indicator is red, please note this on the delivery confirmation and take photos of the indicator. Please provide the photos and provide to your installer.

X-ray Table Crates

Shockwatch Indicator locations